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What is Sophos?

Sophos is an educational platform that aims to promote new technologies emerging in the cryptocurrency space and their potential to transform our lives. Using gamification and a unique reward system, Sophos’ vision is to become the leading cryptoasset gateway, bringing  innovations to the mainstream.

Sophos will be an ecosystem powered by the SOPH token that allows:

a) crypto-investors to discover cryptoasset projects in a very time-efficient and smart way while being rewarded to curate the content or participate in educational quizzes and betting games,

b) crypto-marketers to upload infographics or other informational content in order to promote their projects,

c) game developers and designers to develop educational games targeted toward cryptoassets, allowing further development and understanding of how the technology can transform the way the world operates, while earning rewards from the participation fees.


– You will be able to swipe through dozens of crypto projects in minutes and therefore save time screening potential investments,

– You will be able to rate the content on a crypto project you have been exposed to, share your opinion on it to other Sophos users and earn SOPH by curating our content,

– You will be able to discover new projects each time you visit the Sophos platform and save your favorite crypto projects to revisit them and deep dive on them,

– You will be able to participate in quizzes/games organized by cryptomarketers with SOPH rewards attached to them or tournaments organized by the Sophos team,

– You will be incentivized with SOPH to deepen your knowledge on cryptocurrencies in regard to how they are changing entire industries.


The contract has the following features.
Implements ERC20 Interface
Uses SafeMath Library
8 Decimal Places
Total Supply: 30,000,000 SOPH
Circulating Supply: 24,300,000 SOPH

The allocation of the total supply is as follows:

  • 50% to investors from ZCG swap
  • 20% to developers

o 7% to lead developer

  • 12% to the founding team
  • 10% for operational and marketing costs
  • 8% to fund exchange listings

The supply for the team members and the lead developer (12+7=19%) has been locked using a smart contract for 18 months (lock expiry in November 2019). This is to ensure full continuity of the project and incentive to create a project that reaches the mass.

Contract Address:
Decimals: 8
Ticker Symbol: SOPH

Listing ID: 9635b1128c81bf26

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